And what product managers can do to clear the path for the customer.

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On the storytelling framework and the customer journey

  • the Call to Adventure,
  • the Refusal of the Call, and
  • Crossing the Threshold
The Hero’s Journey, from Christopher Vogler’s The Writer’s Journey

The Call to Adventure

Using stories to pitch to the customer, frame customer engagement, and get the product team on the same page

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Just in case you product managers need some convincing.

They’re heroes of the story, with needs and motivations.

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  • Throw a ring into the fiery depths of a volcano
  • Provide a financial cushion for his family after his…

Some sources, and much food for thought, on a short workshop I taught on design thinking and storytelling for product managers.

How a product manager and fiction writer connected the dots.

Benito Vergara

Senior product manager, fiction writer, former anthropologist. I study culture, tell stories, and herd cats. More:

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